In this day and age of break-ins, pilfering and outright theft as well as risk of fire, every home, office or commercial premises requires some sort of safe. So then it’s case of deciding which type of unit do you or your premises need. Following are the sorts of questions that need to be considered.

What security is required?

  • Fire protection for computer discs and/or valuable documents?
  • Safely storing valuables at home e.g. stamp & coin collections, jewellery, cash, family heirlooms, title deeds, a will or other documents?
  • Stopping pilfering of small amounts of cash.
  • Storing cash floats and till trays overnight and change during the day?
  • Securing larger amounts of cash & cheques in businesses that trade late at night or over weekends.


Servicing & Repairs – All Models

Safes have locks of various types and are either a mechanical or electronic device which do need servicing from time to time. For safes that are used often, these should be serviced annually.

Domestic safes that are used only occasionally would normally only require servicing every 3 years. But whatever you do, if you already own a safe or intend acquiring one, should you find the unit hard to open or dials or keys hard to turn or digital pads not contacting correctly please immediately ring a safe technician to check your lock before it’s too late and the lock refuses to open as then it’s a very expensive proposition to open the safe and repair. It is far cheaper to have the units checked before this happens.

Southern Lock & Safe service and repair all makes and types of safes anywhere in the South West.


Keylock, Combination & Electronic Locks

  •  Lever locks operated by keys.
  • Combination locks.
  • Electronic digital locks.
  • Generally security is equal for all of these locks. Convenience and personal preference is the deciding factor in choosing which type to use for your safe.
  • SL & S can supply any of these locks for your safe or should you wish to build your own security unit we can supply a lock to suit you.


Free Standing Safes

free standing safe

These encompass a large range and types of safes from light weight pilfer resistant steel boxes, fire and pilfer resistant safes

right up to 3 tonne plus safes which are explosive, torch and drill resistant.

When a customer decides on one of these units we make every effort to guide them through a selection process to enable the best and most suitable unit to fit in with their requirements. Come and see us to get the right safe for you.


Torch & Drill Resistant Safesdrill resistant safe

Means a torch and drill resistant unit. Torch equates with an oxy-acetylene cutter. Therefore on TDR, safes torches and drills have a great deal of trouble penetrating them. These are usually the top of the range units with the highest suggested Insurance protection ratings.


Fire Proof Safes

These range from half an hour to 3 hours fire resistant ratings. They may also have only light pilfer resistance to superior burglar protection. They range in size from small domestic to very large double door commercial units and even larger in-built vaults. So it’s a case of deciding exactly what type is required for each situation to ensure adequate protection. They can also be supplied with plain shelving internally or in a 1 to 4 drawer filing cabinet style.


Gun Safes

If you are a gun owner the Law states that you must lock them in a safe that meets the minimum legal specifications.  Units are available for pistols only or most commonly for 2 to 5 guns with a separate lockable ammunition compartment.


In-Floor Safes

In floor safe

  • Can be installed into either wooden or concrete floors.
  • Take up very little floor space.
  • Give good protection as they can be hidden under floor coverings or furniture and are hard to find.
  • Available with key, combination or digital locks.
  • Good quality units are hard to break into.
  • Come in a variety of grades from very light weight pilfer resistant to heavy duty torch and drill resistant models with a suggested insurable cash or valuables rating of $50,000.


Vault Doors

For larger commercial installations. Standard sizes available or units made to order for any security requirement can be supplied.


Wall Safeswall safe

Mainly installed in double brick or solid concrete walls but may be useful in other situations.